Autumn Stolvar

Fiery "Bard" (Rogue) Daughter to Count Stolvar of Bastian


5’6" tall of athletic build. Very confident and proud demeanor.

Her constant companion is a HUGE spotted albino male lion named Terhaun (Tear-Ha-Oon); fully capable of slaughtering a Thurse warrior.


Autumn Stolvar is a well respected “Bard” (Rogue); and not one to be trifled with lightly. She has her father’s fiery temper, and her mothers soothing voice…and when she couples them together many are the men and women that either fall in line or fall at her feet!

Lady Stolvar has recently come to Vhaelin to learn further from a Wizard Mentor; but currently stays with King Alisander until a suitable mentor can be found. By her father’s order she will NOT be studying at the Obsidian Spire.

Autumn Stolvar

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