Devilishly Handsome Wizard of Sly Speach and Slick Manners


Bargle “The Infamous” is tall and handsome with fine dark hair only slightly turning grey at his temples; which seems to only magnify his good looks! If a man could be gifted by the gods with charm, wit and good looks…Bargle was so gifted!

While not overly muscular, Bargle is very fit and has danced the ballroom floor as well as any Fhey Lord! He has been seen to actually do backflips in battle without breaking much of a sweat.

Bargle has tan skin unlike most Karnites from the Kingdom of Mahn; but then Bargle is from the old Karnite Empire. He left there as a teen to study at the Obsidian Spire to avoid the autocratic dictates of the Imperial Council.


Bargle “The Infamous” is a treacherous and foul wizard of the worst kind. He sells his services to anyone with enough coin to keep him happy. Those that don’t keep him happy are said to end up on the wrong end of his black wizardry. He is said to have turned many nobles into pathetic creatures and then fed them to snakes, wolves or even once feeding a noble to his own soldiers as a hunted deer!

Once a promising student of magic, Bargle was never satisfied that he was not of “Proper Station” within the circles of the nobility of Mahn. He quickly learned however that nobility can be easily persuaded by various means…which he possesses in abundance with his magic.

Bargle is most renowned for his desire to murder other wizards to acquire their magic; and is also the reason he is hunted by order of the Lore-Master. The current bounty on Bargle’s head is 5,000 Silver Coins dead or alive. The King and his Marshals have no bounty offered for Bargle, but he is wanted for questioning on various matters.


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