Brother Barwult

HUGE Friar who travels the streets of Vhaelin


Brother Barwult is a massive man in his thirties perhaps, huge even by Vannulvir or Rhul standards. He is 7 feet 3 inches tall and weighs perhaps 400 pounds! His heavy black hair and broad face is that of a Rhul Barbarian, and perhaps he is. The word Barwult if sounded with Rhul inflection would be “Baarwul” which in Rhul would be Bear Hair. Barwult is covered in hair.

Barwult constantly scowls and seems dark and dour, but anyone can tell you his heart is bright and happy.


Brother Barwult is not a man any Street Man or Hired Sword in the city of Vhaelin would approach lightly. Though he is a Friar of Vhal and carries no weapons, his hands alone ripped the life from a rampaging demon once! A fact viewed by hundreds in the Market that day as he slowly tore the jaw from the demon and then shoved his fist down into its gullet and pulled out its insides! It is fact that Barwult is stronger than any Minotaur that has tried to match him over a barrel with arm against arm.

“Barwult the Butcher” was once a murderous barbarian reaver, who worked for one hiremaster or another in the lands of Corash and farther afield; few have forgotten who he was then. He had been raised by a Friar of Vhal as a child though, and eventually he came to visit his adopted father who finally convinced him to take the life of a simple man and help others.

From that day over a decade ago, Brother Barwult has wandered the streets of Vhaelin helping those in need. He heals without asking, gives shelter when he can afford it, and generally does anything he can to be a good man. He once saved the life of a patron of Tengold’s Tavern and from that day on, Tengold promised Brother Barwult room and board for life…the patron quickly vanished; and rumor has it that it may have been a powerful noble or some such come to visit Tengold.

Very often, Brother Barwult will give his food and room to some poor unsuspecting person in dire need and any coin he gains from his manual labors is given directly to the poor…and so he has built a considerable reputation in the city, the Church of Vhal, and especially among the poor.

Brother Barwult

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