Greatly feared Wizard who defies the Lore-Master and does as he pleases; called "The Chaotic" by many.


Middle-aged red haired wizard with a liking for fire magic!

Emirikol is athletic and wears a huntsmans leathers instead of a scholars robes; though he is said to have created much magic still taught at the Obsidian Spire. He prefers brown leathers and black cloak and boots. He has many magical rings, amulets and other adornments that twinkle and glow randomly on his person.

The only obvious weapons that he usually wears are a matching pair of daggers, one on the outside of each boot.

Emirikol keeps a well trimmed red beard and clean-shaven head. His eyebrows are quite thick and bushy and accent his heavy scowl.


Emirikol began his life as a star pupil at the Obsidian Spire. He became a nearly world famous war-wizard during the last days of King Alisander’s rise to power in the Kingdom of Mahn…but on the side opposite the King alongside the Old Duchies Dukes!

Emirikol is not said to be blatantly evil; but he despises the control the King has placed over the lands of Mahn. Emirikol dances on a slim line of unlawful behaviour, and this causes great friction between him and his former master the Lore-Master of Mahn. Emirikol is known to have said, and to the King’s face no less, “Any man in control of all the Kingdom of Mahn is more dangerous than any Kur Horde, Occult Uprising or even Demonic infestation! Better King Alisander step down from the throne before someone thinks it necessary to remove him from the throne.” The next day the King was nearly killed as numerous gargoyles savaged his procession on the very streets of Vhaelin!

None know the home of Emirikol, but he flatly refuses to not use his magic when and where he sees fit; including in the streets of Vhaelin where he is most often encountered. For some reason the Lore-Master has not seen fit to bring him to task for these infractions; although the Prince of Valinor has an open bounty for the capture/arrest of Emirikol amounting to 10,000 Silver Coins!


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