Father Alaric

Friar of the Village of Stallanford


Neutral Good Karnite Cleric of Vhal


Alaric is in his mid-forties, 5’8" tall, and of medium build. He has green-hazel eyes and curly brown hair that is slowly turning gray. He is a kindly and friendly man who was once a Pardoner for the Church of Vhal. Desiring a more peaceful life, he settled in Stallanford (when there was still a Baron Stallan) as a Friar and laid down his mace and took on his simple brown robes instead of the chain armor he once wore.

Alaric is much loved by the people of Stallanford, and he is seen as a father figure even to those his own age because of his renowned wisdom and peaceful teachings. Father Alaric welcomes visitors to Stallanford, quite often in person because he is known to “keep court” in the only Inn in the village: The Happy Heifer (yes, it has a cow bell on the door).

Father Alaric

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