Galynd Greybeard

Sage of Mahn, specializing in History and Civilizations


Galynd “Greybeard” is old and bent; but his mind is sharper than a sword. At only 5’6" his robes shroud his body, and his constant pipe smoking shrouds the rest of him!


Galynd is an old wizard who never much took to the adventuring life. He keeps a small home in Vhaelin where he entertains visitors seeking knowledge about the Kingdom of Mahn, and what used to be where the kingdom is now.

Most nights he will be found sitting at the end of the bar in Tengold’s Tavern fussing back and forth with his old friend Tengold about what is “Really” going on in the Kingdom. The two curse each other like old brothers, but without paying close attention none would know they actually like each other. Phrases like “Bastard Son of a Thurse Whore!” and “Knee dwelling she-dog!” aren’t the sorts of things normal friends say to each other.

At times, Galynd will impart some advice to those who find him at the Tavern, but most often he simply has them pay for his meal and drink and tells them “That is a fine deposit on my services, now if you will excuse me, I must return home for the evening and rest my old bones! Come to see me tomorrow and I’ll answer all of your questions for you.”

Careful customers will note that when Galynd leaves, Miska “the Witch” will often be the one who takes him home. They are the current gossip within the circles of Tengold’s Tavern…but Tengold swears mightily “My girl is only learning magic from that old skeletal lich lord!”

Galynd Greybeard

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