Gregor Stolvar

Count of Bastian


Chaotic Good Karnite Male woodwise Fighter/Mage


Count Stolvar is said to be a stern and hard-eyed veteran of both adventure and war inside and out of the Kingdom of Mahn. Though only in his fourth decade of life, he is not only possibly one of the finest woodsmen within the entire Kingdom of Mahn, but is known to have studied wizardry as well. The last raiding band of goblins that crawled from the Deep Realms could attest to this fact, but all of them died under a ruinous rain of fire from the Count’s magical staff.

The Count keeps court in Caer Bastian, his modest (but huge) Dwur made castle, which sits atop a riverside hill in the center of the sprawling un-walled town of Bastian. While the Count has a modest garrison within Bastian, the majority of his soldiers keep out of town and in the woodlands of the county in small fireside camps to “keep honed and ready for action” as the Count is heard to often say.

The Count’s forces wear black livery with a deep green circle mid-chest which holds at its center a buck’s skull and horns (12 point). The Count’s Knights carry this upon their pennants as well; but the Count seldom deigns to wear his own family heraldry.

King Alisander is said to have a solid friendship with Count Stolvar; and even Dukes accord the Count a great measure of respect because of it. It is a known fact that King Alisander and Count Stolvar were adventuring companions for some years, and few men in the Kingdom are a closer confidant to the King.

Gregor Stolvar

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