Hethgarl of Brenheim

Vannulvir Sea Trader and War-Captain of Brenheim


Hethgarl is a man in his mid-forties who sports a long greying red beard and heavy mane of braided hair the same color. He is short and stocky for a Vannulvir, only 5’11" tall and nearly 300 pounds; but most of his weight is powerful muscle.

He wears only a chainmail coat at sea; and prefers to fight with a large round shield and battle-axe. He carries three throwing axes as well on his belt; and is said to be deadly accurate with them.


Hethgarl is a War-Captain and Merchant from Brenheim in Vannulvheim. He serves truthfully as a Thane to Jarl Brenheim; but can be found all over the Sea of Vhal and Bloody Sea…in every port or raiding those shores he doesn’t trade upon!

Hethgarl of Brenheim

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