Grim mercenary guard at Talmen’s Post in Stallanford


Keyden is a grim and dark tempered man; but he is known as a loyal mercenary even by Count Stolvar of Bastian, who Keyden worked for until he felt too old to fight as a soldier any longer. He hails from some small village in the Old Duchies.

Keyden is in his forties, and some say that he simply feels unaccomplished. Not something that half a dozen goblins would say when they tried to break into Talmen’s Post one night and ended up dead.

Keyden always wears his Chain Hauberk and carries his War Sword on his side with a Dagger in his boot. When on duty, he will also carry a Great Sword over his shoulder and a Large Shield he will drop if he chooses to use the Great Sword.


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