Kjordin Oslidborn

Vannulvir guard of Tengold's Tavern & "Son" of Tengold Torgar


Kjordin is a heavy framed Vannulvir at about 6’4" and 240 pounds. In his mid-twenties, he has brown hair and blue eyes which stair out from a lightly bearded face.

He wears a shirt of mail and helmet when on guard; and arms himself with a heavy club unless real trouble makes him pull forth his Battle-Axe and Broadsword for deadly work.


Kjordin has worked for Tengold Torgar for almost two years, and very nearly has enough money saved to leave and buy himself a small farm he often brags. He left behind the sea because the last ship he was on is said to have been destroyed by some sea monster and only Kjordin and one other escaped the beasts maw…and only Kjordin made it to shore.

The ship belonged to the business interests of none other than Tengold Torgar, and the man offered to allow Kjordin to get on his feet by working in Tengold’s Tavern.

Kjordin is the sometime flame of Xakana, and when he isn’t working the two will often be found drinking each other into oblivion before retiring to Kjordin’s room.

Kjordin Oslidborn

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