Miska Kalon

Highborn "Witch" of Vhaelin


Miska Kalon is a depressing sight really. She is about five and a half feet tall, but continually slouches making her seem smaller. She is thinner than a starving waif, and her eyes are sunken in and dark around the edges. She does wear very expensive clothing; but prefers dark clothes that match her natural “brooding nature” as Tengold Torgar often says of his semi-adopted child.


Miska is the third daughter of the Kalon Merchant Family. She resides in Vhaelin after completing many years of tutoring in the Black Arts at the Obsidian Spire. She frequents Tengold’s Tavern and often can be found telling the fortunes of those at the establishment.

Miska is a dark woman, and all know it; but many suspect it is only for show to demand a higher price for her services and to put on an air of mystery and danger…most of her clients are Highborn or Noble.

Tengold Torgar treats Miska like a daughter, and tells anyone that he has adopted her. Since his tavern is his home, that makes his tavern her home…and so she is permitted to use her magic in the Tavern without fear of arrest.

Miska Kalon

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