Robert Stolvar

Knight and Heir of the County of Bastian


Sir Robert is 6’ and 1" tall and powerfully built. He wears a shortsword on his right side and a longsword on his left.

He disdains the use of Platemail or heavier armor, wearing instead a blackened suit of the finest chainmail said to have been a gift to him from his father who is said to have gained the suit from a Fhey Lord. It is most likely Fhey made, as Robert is capable of moving perfectly silently in it!

Only when mounted will he use a shield.


Robert Stolvar is both his father’s son, and a man completely apart. He endeavors to hold to the frontier traditions of his father and the Knightly Virtues as taught him by his God-Father the King of Mahn.

Robert typically fights in the traditional Knightly style while mounted; but once on foot he becomes a whirlwind of two-blade fighting much like his father, tossing aside his shield for his shortsword coupled with his longsword.

Robert is a ruthless combatant, but honorable. He despises goblins, and refuses to allow them to settle in his father’s lands at all.

Robert is a skilled woodsman and powerful Knight; even at his young age, few Knights in all the Kingdom of Mahn chose to tilt a lance against him when he served in the King’s Heuaard!

Robert Stolvar

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