Robyn Stolvar

Countess of Bastian, and well known Bard and Druid of the Lowland Fiefs


Robyn Stolvar is a very smiling person as often as she can be; but when crossed or if serious business is at hand she becomes very curt and stern.

She commonly wears a modest amount of jewelry; but will always be found in beautiful earth and forest toned dresses (and rarely hunting leathers). She carries no weapons but a small knife on her belt.


If Gregor Stolvar is the hand that guides the people of his lands; Robyn Stolvar his wife is the one that guides their hearts. Robyn is the primary druidic elder of the Lowland Fiefs, and as such she is in the rather un-envious position as both Countess and answerable to the King of Mahn, and Druid answerable to the King of Drudach!

She seems to manage more than passingly well, in fact almost unbothered by her dual role it would seem. She spends a great part of her life ministering to the needs of her husband’s people; whether they are Vhal worshiper or a family of the Old Way. She does so in song and music just as often as in actual healing magic.

It is actually common practice for women to deliver their newborns in the halls of their nobles; a custom that is mandated by the laws of Count Stolvar who insists on giving a blessing to each child born in his county…and most often delivered by his wife!

Robyn Stolvar is also an able diplomat because of her accomplished skills as a bard; she is in fact greatly respected even as far away as the King’s Thanes where the Vannulvir count her as one of their “own” finest skalds. They say this because Countess Stolvar (like many of the people of the southern areas of the Kingdom of Mahn) has many of her ancestors who are Vannulvir.

Robyn Stolvar

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