Sherlane Halaran

Lord Patriarch of Vhal in the Town of Bastian


Patriarch Sherlane Halaran is quite possibly one of the most powerful and influential Patriarchs of Vhal within the Kingdom of Mahn; but his appearance is simple.

The aging man wears very non-descript plate armor and allows his hair and beard to remain untied, though obviously clean and well groomed. He always has a flanged mace at his right hip; though only rarely will he deign to carry a shield.

Patriarch Halaran is approximately 6 feet in height and most likely weighs about 170 pounds without his armor. His hair is fully white, and his wise eyes are a kind blue of lighter shade. He smiles often at children and friends, but carries a serious face when at his work.


Patriarch Sherlane Halaran will most likely become the next High Patriarch of Vhal; essentially becoming the Lord of the See of Vhalashar! Only the High Patriarch outranks him, and the two men are often at odds on how to best tend to the needs of the faithful within the Kingdom of Mahn and abroad. Patriarch Halaran only narrowly was out-voted for the position of High Patriarch several years ago.

In his early years, Patriarch Sherlane Halaran was actually Duke Sherlane Halaran of the Duchy of Coor; but renounced his throne in favor of his young cousin who’s daughter now rules Coor…and so the Duchess Hleraena of Coor is Patriarch Halaran’s Grand-Niece; and she shows complete adoration for her Great Uncle! In fact, Patriarch Halaran is not only the High Patriarch of the Lowland Fiefs, but also the High Patriarch of the Duchy of Coor; making him one of the most wealthy and powerful men in the entire Kingdom.

The Patriarch of the Lowland Fiefs spends most of his time within the small town of Bastian for unknown reasons. He is a fast friend of the Count and his family, and is even adored by those who are the faithful of the Druidic faith within his lands. In fact, the Druid-King and Halaran are on very favorable terms and Patriarch Halaran is the Ambassador of the Church of Vhal to the Druidic faith.

Many fear that a Holy War may result if Patriarch Halaran is voted High Patriarch; and so many in the kingdom are said to hope he passes of old age before the current High Patriarch as no other Lord Patriarch within Mahn holds the backing that the man does. Halaran holds as allies nearly every Lord Patriarch from the New Duchies north into the Kaeltan Duchies and all lands between…as well as nearly all Patriarchs within the Principality of Valinor, Heuuardlands and the Grand-Duchy of Dwurholme.

Currently, however, he continues on in a seemingly insignificant role in the Lowland Fiefs as both the Lord Patriarch of the Lowland Fiefs and the Patriarch of the Church of Vhal within the County of Bastian. His younger brother died some years ago, and the Patriarch became the ward of his young nieces Mjara and Ahleena Halaran. The Patriarch long ago swore off marriage and children to protect innocents from any evil he may fight against in his life.

Sherlane Halaran

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