Slim and somewhat oily looking "Wizard of the Highest Order"


Spugnoir is a ungainly looking sort with slicked back and oily black hair, a rats nest of a “beard” that he most often keeps shaved.


Spugnoir is a wizard who buys and sells in the Black Market of Vhaelin. His offered potions are expensive; but he at least is willing to trade to anyone at all!

He constantly seeks to buy magical scrolls and such from any wizard he meets; but most have little to do with him as he just seems “wrong” as either a trader or possible apprentice.

Spugnoir has of late been staying in Tengold’s Tavern and acquires items for Tengold in the Black Market in return for room and board. He has been asking passing adventuring groups to allow him to join them…but so far with no luck.


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