Tengold Torgar

Mid-Sixties Tavern Master of rotund frame and stout stature.


Six feet two inches tall, Tengold has the sword arm of a Vannulvir Berserker; but the smile of a Fhey Prince. His hefty frame is constantly covered in fine clothing, but he disdains jewelry of any sort save a pendant he wears as an emblem of the King’s Personal Favor.


Tengold Torgar is the most famous Tavern Master in the Principality of Valinor…and quite likely the entire kingdom of Mahn. He is the former adventuring companion and swordsman shieldbearer of King Alisander Chestelaine.

Many go to Tengold’s Tavern to rub shoulders with the wealthy or important of the King-City of Vhaelin. Tengold himself is known to “father” many young swords, giving them a place to work and sleep in return for them “doing good” for others.

Few EVER make an enemy of Tengold because of his connections; but it is said that even in his old age he is still a better sword than many knights in the kingdom. He keeps many of his “Sword Sons” on retainer in the Tavern as muscle as well…just in case.

Tengold Torgar

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