Terra Torgar

Smiling and Friendly Tavern Maid of Tengold's Tavern


Terra Torgar is a fiery red and black haired woman of obvious Vannulvir ancestry, which she gets from her Grandfather. She is 5’8" tall and slender, though she possesses the agility and strength of a street acrobat.


Terra Torgar is the Grandaughter of Tengold Torgar; and the real manager of Tengold’s Tavern, especially when her “Granpaw” is away visiting the King. She is said to cook nearly as well as he does, but he keeps some recipes secret from even her.

She flits about the place constantly with her warm smile and kind words, keeping the patrons coming for her Grandfather’s cooking. She is a no-nonsense business woman though…and people in Vhaelin know it! “Don’t invoke the Terror of Terra!” as the King himself is often heard to say!

Terra Torgar

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