Timian Reeve

Middle-aged Street Man and Hired Guide of Vhaelin


Timian is a middle-aged man who wears leathern armor and carries a shortsword and dagger on his belt. He is a friendly sort, but obviously capable.


Timian Reeve is rumored to have once worked as a noble’s scribe as a boy; but having a falling out with a superior, he left the noble’s estate and went to the City of Vhaelin to make his living as a hired man. He delivers letters, acts as a Crier, and most often as a guide in the city for those who have no idea where to go or what to do.

He charges a modest fee, but never acts as a porter. He charges 2 Copper to take someone to a particular place, or 1 Silver for all day service. If he is expected to protect who he is guiding, he charges a full Gold Coin per day or partial day.

Timian Reeve

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