Goblin Guide of the Deep Realms of Vhaelin


Troggle wields a Goblin Knife and carries a buckler (to him a small shield) on his back usually. He wears no armor and instead relies on his speed and cowardice to keep him alive!


Troggle is a “freeman” in the city of Vhaelin; he knows that if he leaves the city he will be treated as a peasant and tied to the land…so he stays in Vhaelin and attempts to pay his dues each year to remain free. His Goblin Knife isn’t considered a “man’s weapon” and so he doesn’t have to pay sword tax for it.

Troggle can most often be found in the alleys outside of bars looking for easy marks (meaning drunks ready to pass out) or in the same low-life establishments spending coin he recently “earned” from someone.


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