Daerkur Lady Hiresword


Xakana is both a powerful half-orc woman, who is somehow still attractive; mostly to men of violence. She is 6’3" tall, with long black silken hair; don’t dare ask her weight.

She wears a light suit of platemail armor, disdaining heavier field or full plate “Because it slows me down.” she is heard to say. She wields her ancient Daerkur Greatsword with ruthless abandon in battle, and is proud of every scar she carries.

She also carries into battle a pair of matching shortswords, a brace of throwing daggers (at least six) and a Heavy Crossbow for times when she can’t get to the enemy.


Xakana “of Vhal” shouldn’t be accused of being a Holy Woman. She is simply a former bastard child left by a woman on the steps of a Convent of Vhal where she was raised by the Celestial Sisters there. Having no talent at all for insight into spiritual matters, Xakana did at least take heavily to book reading and knowledge of far places.

Eventually, when only twelve years old, Xakana left the Celestial Sisters (for which it is said they were very grateful!) and began to make her own way in Aerk. Just last year she came to live within Vhaelin after serving in war as a scout against the Kur tribes in the South Marches.

She has decided to take up the life of a Hiresword in the city, and has quickly gained a ruthless reputation as a premier bodyguard. She is the on again off again flame of Kjordin, one of Tengold’s adopted Sons which protect Tengold’s Tavern. She is sometimes found there late in the evening waiting for Kjordin to finish his duties.


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