Broman Ancestral Axe

Battle Axe +2

weapon (melee)

Battle Axe +2, Commonly (though +1 to +5 can be found)

Will heal a Character reduced to -10 Hit Points or below, and stabilize the character at 1 Hit Point after giving up its magic. Each time the axe does this, it permanently loses one plus until on its last effort the axe breaks and is forever lost.

If a Dwur carries the axe his entire life and dies of old age, the Axe can then be passed on to who the Dwur wills it to; and the axe gains another +1 on the day the owner dies.


Broman Ancestral Axes were created long ago before the Fhey even came to Aerk. The Dwur created them to keep safe the heirs of the various Dwur Noble Houses of Brom. Over the centuries, the axes sometimes went to a second or even third son and eventually many were lost to their houses.

Today, the few that are found are usually in the hands of a Dwur that doesn’t even know the true power of the axe, though the King of Brom still wields his family’s Ancestral Axe.


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Broman Ancestral Axe

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