Druid Wine

Magical Wine


Druid Wine is a faintly magical drink that is often used by wizards, priests, and Generals who are getting too little sleep. It halves the time required to sleep, essentially giving a full nights rest after drinking one cup of the liquid. Hit Points are restored, spells may be memorized and etc. just as if a full night’s sleep had been had.

Use of Druid Wine is not addictive, but over use can cause devastating effects. If more than one cup is used a day, the second cup will cause one point of Wisdom damage that will not be healed with rest. A third cup will will cause a further 1d4 Wisdom damage and the imbiber must make a Save vs. Poison or fall into a catatonic stupor for a full 12 hours. Each additional cup drank will force an ever increasing 1d4 Wisdom damage until the imbiber either fails an increasing Poison Save (with another -2 to the save for each save after the first), or simply dies from Wisdom loss!


Druid Wine is enchanted by the Druids of the Great Forest of the Druids. It is made from a special, yet non-magical, crop of wine grapes grown in The Grapefields of Mahn. The Druids have used Druid Wine for thousands of years; and the origin of the concoction is unknown precisely.

The only other place Druid Wine is known to be made is in the Valewood Forest by the Druid-Sorcerers of that place.

Druid Wine is made in great amounts and distributed throughout the Kingdom of Mahn, though most Priests of Vhal will refuse its use, many arcane spell casters have long paid good silver for it.


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Druid Wine

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