Druidic Healing Draught

Potion of Healing


For all intents and purposes, this is a Healing Potion that heals 1d8+5 Hit Points of damage. It has the appearance of a dark tea with the tea leaves still floating about inside it.


Very much like the healing potions of the Church of Vhal, the Druids are very careful about the use and distribution of their own healing potions. Most commonly these healing potions are only found on druids that give them out to those of the faithful who are without the constant presence of a druid within their village…most often a village elder or noble lord who still adheres to the faith of the Druids of Drudach.

The only man outside of the Druid faith allowed the use of these magical potions is the White King himself, and those who guard his person; though many of them (including the King) are either Paladins of Vhal or Clerics of Vhal. Most often these men do not use Druidic Healing Draughts; but the Druids would not be offended if they did due to long time understanding.

This does NOT apply to others in the world who the druids find to be in possession of their magic! Short of outright violence, they will demand the return of such magic; but might even consider violence toward those who are obvious enemies of the Druidic Faith.


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Druidic Healing Draught

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