God Draught of Vhal

Potion of Healing


God Draught’s (of Vhal) are in all basics a simple Potion of Healing that heals 1d8+5 Hit points of damage when drank. It is composed of a light blue liquid with small specks of gold floating about in them.


In game, however, only certain people would dare use such a magic item! Peasants might feel unworthy, or even a noble, if they were not living a righteous life. If a Priest of Vhal feels that someone is not an adherent of the Teachings of Vhal, then they would never consider even offering the magical healing that one of their members spent their own life-force making!

It is a deep and solemn ritual that brings about the creation of these items, and they are not considered lightly in their use.

Someone of the Druidic faith would most likely refuse such a magical healing potion, even if they were near death, because they would not want to be tainted by the magical influences of a God they refuse to believe in. Likewise, few clerics of Vhal would look kindly on finding that a person that they think is unworthy even has in their possession one of these magical potions.


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God Draught of Vhal

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