Kur Healing Potion

Disgusting Orcish Healing Potion


A healing potion of orc make that heals 1d8+1 Hit Points of Damage.

Also, on an Intelligence check (at -3) a character would know that such a potion could also cause a non-orc blooded character to suffer the loss of 2 Intelligence for a full day (Save vs. Poison).


A Kur Healing Draught is a rather disgusting concoction made by shamans of the savage orc Kur tribes. It is said they use the blood of the Fhey or Aerkay in the making of such potions; though none know this for certain.

The potions have a disgusting puke look to them as they swirl around rather chunky in their container.

Any civilized person using such a potion would be thought to either be an agent for the Kur Tribes (if a Daerkur) at worst; but in general they would simply be ridiculed and perhaps shunned by any civilized person.


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Kur Healing Potion

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