BASTIAN, Town of

Population: 4,000 +/-; the population of Bastian is predominantly Karnites, though nearly a hundred Dwur live here as well. These Dwur serve as advisers to the Count on both his mining and building interests in his domain; and also some few of them work as his smiths, armorers, weapon makers and so forth.

Government: Feudal, ruled by Count Gregor Stolvar from ancient and storied Castle Bastian; the population here is predominantly peasantry. Only about ten percent of the town are actually Freemen, and these are the shop owners and other professionals. The rest of the town are farmers, huntsmen and general laborers. The Count’s son Rob Stolvar tends to the daily needs of the town as his father’s voice. Sir Rob was Knighted by his father before serving a year in the service of the King within the Heuaard Guard and only recently returned to Bastian to again serve his father. He is a stern young knight said to be very similar to his father; but less a woodsman and more a proper knight, though still more capable in the woodlands than many men.

Economy: the town is an agricultural town, with many sprawling farms and orchards. Some aurochs are to be found in outlying areas of town on fields being left fallow. Many of the other nobles of the Lowland Fiefs send their crops to Bastian as well before traveling on to Bethek; and also tend to trade in Bastian’s shops instead of going to the much larger city to the south. Because there is a rather constant flow of trade here, the merchants have nearly anything desired; and anything they don’t have can be quickly delivered from Bethek or even mighty Vhaelin.

Military: Count Stolvar keeps the majority of his forces in the lands of the County; but does keep knights, heavy infantry and some few archers here in town. He constantly rotates his forces in and out of town however, so exact numbers are unknown; perhaps 200 or so will be in town at any one time. Sir Rob does keep a standing town militia however. This militia, suited in leather armor with buckler and armed with Longbow, Hunting Spear, Dirk and Heavy Mace numbers two full companies strong (of 120 men each). These men are well trained and constantly at work both inside and just outside of town on patrol.

Religion: There is a Church of Vhal within town; but only two miles away there is also a Druid Ring of ancient origin. The Patriarch of Vhal in Bastian is Sherlane Halaran, a robust and prominent member of town. The Druid that tends to the faithful in the area is the Count’s own wife Robyn Stolvar, though the Countess is also a prominent bard from a noble family of Vhaelin. Patriarch Halaran will most often be found within the Church at the base of the hill the Count’s castle sits upon; but does hold services even in the town square. More tolerant than many Priests, he is fast friends with the Count and the Countess, and gladly tends to the needs of any villager no matter their faith. In turn, the Countess sees it as her obligation to tend to the needs of her husband’s people no matter their faith as well.

Magic: The Count is the foremost wizard in the entire County, and does not welcome any other practice of magic within his domain. He frowns heavily on the selling of even the most mundane of magical items as a dangerous enterprise, and to do so a special permission must be obtained from him. Because he is often too busy to see to this, it is generally accepted that such business should be taken to Bethek in the south; or, if an individual is friendly with the Count’s family, he has been known to allow his daughter Autumn to handle such matters for him. Lady Autumn Stolvar is an accomplished Bard like her mother; but has learned some measure of magic from her father also. Unfortunately, the Lady has also recently relocated to Vhaelin to further her study of magic.

At a Glance: Bastian (large town): Conventional; AL NG; 3,000 sp limit; Assets 674,843 sp; Population 4,000+/-; Mixed (Karnites 91%, Dwur 2%, Daerkur 2%, Half Fhey 2%, Lords of Mahn 2%, Minotaurs 1%).

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