Centaur Forest

The Centaur Forest is a unique land within the Kingdom of Mahn. While the Centaurs here acknowledge the White King as their own King, they do not take part in the Kingdom as other races do.

The Centaurs were for over a hundred years engaged in a running war against the Borderland Freeholds that were constantly cutting into the southern bounds of the woods until at last King Alisander came to the throne and threatened war against the Borderlanders. The Centaur Chiefs then again swore fealty to the White King, and their numbers have been slowly increasing again now that they are at peace.

The only feudal obligation the White King has forced upon the Centaurs is that they must provide some few scouts to be used by his personal forces in the South Marches. These scouts are rotated out often enough that they are never gone from home longer than a year.

The only sizable settlement in the Centaur Forest is the village of Hindmeet where many elderly Centaurs rest and where the Centaurs work crafts such as armoring and those too dangerous for nature to be practiced elsewhere. Here too the Centaurs hold their election for their own “Duke” who seasonally goes to Vhaelin to swear fealty to the White King.

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Centaur Forest

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