Grand Duchy of Dwurholme

Simply put, this land is mountainous. The crescent shaped Old Iron Mountains are high and sheer despite ancient weathering; but their slopes in the west are heavily covered by forest. The western slope’s woods are called the Boar Forest because of the especially large specimens of this creature which are found within. In their greatest heights, the mountains here hold the Iron Glacier; a now shrunken field of ice which once helped gouge out the river valley of the Brown River that still to this day has its headwaters beneath this ancient glacier.

The eastern lands of the Duchy are primarily farming and herding lands; with neatly ordered walls of stone cordoning off the property of one clan from another, while smaller fields are marked by sentinel stones at their corners. The farms here are of the highest quality, and the animals have been breed to be some of the finest stock in the whole Kingdom. The primary crops here are barley (for the making of beer), heather (also for beer), horehound (a plant used to make non-alcoholic beer for long journeys) with oats and rye being the most common food crop. Animals on these farms are limited primarily to swine, chickens and sheep.

The eastern face of the Old Iron Mountains are riddled with ravines and deep crevices alongside seemingly numberless mines and mining camps. These mines are old beyond memory for some; going deep into the bowels of the earth it is said, and the deep foundries issuing smoke from deep smelters which forever refine the ores found here. What few know, or care to know honestly, is that the Old Iron Mountains are still actively volcanic, and occasional tremors rock this land; but none so serious as to damage the well crafted stonework of the Dwur here. The Dwur call the depths here “The Heart of the World” and have crafted great magics that allow them to strip from the flows of molten material here great amounts of iron and other metals. The Dwur of this land provide the Kingdom with a vast train of worked metals every year that leaves Mount Bram along the South Stone Road to Aeod, and then along the King’s Road from Aeod along the Brown River, Crystalmere and Crystal Rivers until it finally reaches the city of Vhaelin where the great quantities of arms, armor and silver & copper coins are received by the King as his annual tribute from his Godfather.

The dominant feature of this land is the volcanic Mount Bram, which is both the capital and greatest mountain of the Old Iron Mountains. It continually smokes and about once a century will spew forth ash clouds as well; but its deep cauldron hasn’t spewed forth a true eruption since the Fhey first made contact with the Dwur here thousands of years ago.

The nobles here are Clan Lords (equal to Barons; but actually called “Kings”) beholden to a Dwur High King (given the title of Arch-Duke) who swears fealty to the King of Mahn. Many of the surrounding Kaeltan Chiefs once swore fealty to the Dwur here; but all such relations were severed with the founding of the Kingdom of Mahn after the peaceful merger of the Dwur, Druids and the Paladins of the White March under the White King of Mahn after the war that forced the Karnite Empire from the area of the Old Duchies.

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Grand Duchy of Dwurholme

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