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Haikel is the “Mother Planet” of Aerk. Aerk is simply the largest moon of the only remaining planet within the Vhalashian Solar System. Ancient texts, truly ancient, mention that once Vhalash wasn’t so large and red in the sky and that Aerk was a colder world.

Today, Haikel takes much of the night sky and is said to be the reason for much magic in the world. While many wizards and priests call upon many forces indeed, it is said that the Druids call upon the Natural Magic of the worlds, and that Haikel is a major source of their power. Indeed, life is said to exist upon Aerk only because of the emanating warmth of Haikel as it both reflects the light of Vhalash as well as generating its own heat and life giving power from its core.

The most fantastic tales exist of gigantic floating cities that glide through the clouds of Haikel; but no such fables have been verified. There is one thing that comes from Haikel though that all upon Aerk dread: The Beholders. Beholders are said to have reached Aerk from the world of Haikel; and as they tell it, far worse things live within the storm rent face of Haikel’s surface.


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