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The Half-Fhey of Aerk

The Half-Fhey of Aerk are the result of unions between Fhey and Humans. Fhey usually begin such unions, especially Fhey men with beautiful Human women they charm; either naturally or by magic. Human barbarians or bandits have also been known to force their affections on Fhey women caught by them; but these are never pleasant births, and are the most common source of stories concerning “bewitched” children being left with Human parents to raise.

Regardless of how they arrive in Aerk, Half-Fhey are worthy of whatever race they live among. They are highly valued by the Fhey as powerful soldiers and held in high esteem by their Fhey ancestors despite their mortal lives; Half-Fhey live much longer than Humans, but they are not immortal as are the Fhey. Among Humans, Half-Fhey are somewhat shunned but not hated; it is a matter of ignorance and misunderstanding because of Half-Fhey beauty that is unearthly.

Half-Fhey have no nations of their own, but in human cultures they are often born to noble families or the wealthy; circles that would draw the attention of Fhey Knights or powerful Fhey Sorcerers. In the Fhey Empire they serve also as Knights, ambassadors, and merchants with other nations. Half-Fhey are often prized bodyguards or elite shock troops in Fhey armies because of their strength and stamina in confrontations. A stark contrast to their role as entertainers, skalds, and artists in human society; humans simply hold Half-Fhey as softer because of their beauty, charm and grace even though they are just as strong and doughty as any human warrior.

Wherever Half-Fhey go, they are usually treated well unless within lands ruled by evil or Aerkay; the Aerkay despise them as much as they do the Fhey. In fact, simply because of their beauty and strength, Half-Fhey are greatly valued as slaves in lands that enslave other races. In good nations they are seen as invaluable and treated thus by most; although commoners have a suspicion about them because they are said by them to be the result of Fhey forcing their affections on hapless village girls.

Personality: Half-Fhey are somewhat flighty; but not as confusing as the Fhey, being grounded by their mortal lives. They still relish life and live for the moment when possible, but their Fhey heritage can also send them into violent rages when provoked beyond endurance. Humans prefer to deal with Half-Fhey ambassadors and merchants from the Fhey Empire because they relate better to their Human half. The Fhey prefer to deal with Half-Fhey from human lands because they are seen as more sophisticated and understanding of the Fhey race.

Physical Description: Half-Fhey are of the same build and looks as their Human ancestors; but with a great deal of charm and beauty inherited from their Fhey blood. Lighter hair is most common among them; but huge black-haired Half-Fhey men with full beards have been seen in the forefront of Vannulvir berserker charges singing the songs of the skalds to encourage their kinsmen. Most often Half-Fhey are identical to humans, they simply have a greater beauty. Half-Fhey soldiers commonly wear the arms and armor of their home nation.

Relations: Half-Fhey live best with Fhey who accept them fully as they are; and only slightly less well among humans who perhaps resent their looks. Half-Fhey despise and hate the Aerkay just as much as their Fhey kinsmen, as well as the disgusting Goblins and bestial Daerkur. Minotaurs are seen as docile and friendly and so, despite their looks, are greatly liked by the friendly Half-Fhey. Dwur are too grim for Half-Fhey; grumpy friends are usually no fun at all even if they are to be trusted more than anyone else. Lizardfolk are savage and alien; but not evil, so they are tolerated. The Fhraen and Half-Fhey are ironically two races that get along very well; so long as the Fhraen isn’t an assassin or worse. While Half-Fhey aren’t exactly outcast like the Fhraen, both races have a mutual feeling of not quite fitting in with anyone else and so they make passing friends easily.

Alignment: Half-Fhey are nearly as chaotic as their Fhey ancestors; but they also have a strong drive to be “builders” or “makers” just as their human ancestors are. While usually never evil, they are rarely paragons of virtue and goodness either. Over all, the Half-Fhey can be said to be a Neutral race with often Chaotic tendencies.

Half-Fhey Lands: The Half-Fhey rule no lands as their own; only by joining with another Half-Fhey can Half-Fhey even result from a Half-Fhey parent. In the Fhey Empire they are equal to all “other” Fhey and so hold just as many places of importance as their numbers allow compared to the number of Fhey they live with. In human lands Half-Fhey are often nobles, merchants and from stronger and wealthier families. Their positions usually result from their births; while others born less well usually find their way into finer circles.

Religion: Half-Fhey adhere to religions that dominate whatever culture they hail from. Among the Fhey you will find many Half-Fhey Druids, while among Humans you will find them adhering to whichever faith the Humans find dominant.

Languages: Half-Fhey speak Common and Fhey. Coming from a dual heritage demands that they are able to adapt to either.

Names: Half-Fhey names sound Celtic mostly; if they live with the Fhey. The Fhey come from a land of Faerie somewhat like that described in British Faerie tales originating in Celtic history. If from a human culture, the Half-Fhey will have a name similar to that culture.

The Half-Fhey within the Kingdom of Mahn
(As told by the Lore-Master of the White King)

As the Fhey have caused the Half-Fhey to be born into the world, they have of course come to live within the bounds of the White King’s domain as well. Unlike the Fhey, the Half-Fhey at least have a history of the world within them through their human ancestors. They fit well within the circle of humans; but are still entirely too much like their Fhey ancestors for the liking of many such as myself. When they apply their lives to the principals of Humankind instead of Fheykind they make admirable subjects however.

Several Half-Fhey are nobles within the Kingdom of Mahn; born to noble Humans with daughters who have strayed against their will because of Fhey enchantments. Many are never even known to be Half-Fhey, as their families pass them off as humans to avoid the shame of having a bastard child in their household. Half-Fhey are sought out by the Church of Vhal because their natural grace lends toward making the finest of Paladins within the Kingdom; and many orphan Half-Fhey are left with this church because the village girl that gave birth to the child knows it will have a better life if raised by the church.

Half-Fhey from the Fhey Empire dress and act in a manner similar to their Fhey kin; and they carry the same hatreds against others that the Fhey have taught them to hold. Half-Fhey Knights from the Fhey Empire often sully their name by unjustly carrying prejudice against Aerkay found within the Kingdom of Mahn; prejudice that often erupts into conflict. Half-Fhey from that realm typically only get along well with Humans in the Kingdom, being condescending toward most other races; although some Fhraen work for them when they can’t find trust among others.

The exact number of Half-Fhey within the Kingdom isn’t known, for some don’t even know they are part Fhey. In all, there are perhaps a third as many Half-Fhey as there are Dwur. There are a few organizations of Half-Fhey exclusively held for them or their followers. The Bardic College of Vhaelin was founded by Half-Fhey Skalds a very long time ago. They still dominate the College, but began accepting humans and other races many decades ago. The College’s Elders are still all Half-Fhey, many of whom have Fhey parents that often visit the College. The current Lord of this College is Caelbeth and he serves the White King as an advisor on the Council of the Learned. Very old and nearing his end, Caelbeth is one of the original founders of the Bardic College of Vhaelin; but his voice is still strong and full of arcane power even if his sword arm isn’t as powerful as it was two centuries ago. While Caelbeth and I have no liking for the other, I at least respect that he is the greatest Skald in the known world; including within the Fhey Empire where his council is even sought by Emperor Caelcormac concerning the world of mortals. For Caelbeth’s part, he sends me a gift once a year consisting of an original piece of music to review. I rarely like them because they are about the Fhey; but they have brought others to tears when played and sung in the King’s Court. I suppose his sincerity is edged as sharply as his wit.

The racial abilities of the Half-Fhey are:

Half Fhey

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