The Humans of Aerk

Humanity is a true enigma in Aerk; at least to the other races. Where nearly all Dwur can be counted on to be of roughly the same character in their society, Aerkay can be predicted to crave magic, Fhey can be predictable only in that they are unpredictable, Minotaurs nearly all crave freedom and etcetera, humans are so varied that in their own circles they consider there to be many different races of humanity. Indeed, looking at the varied cultures of humanity it is indeed obvious that they tend to have different skin tone, hair type and even languages; the Aerkay brought humanity from many different places it would seem.

The humans of the Karnite Empire are an olive skinned and dark haired people, while the Vannulvir are much larger with red or blonde hair and pale skin. Amarians have a deeply brown skin with kinky black hair and a slim athletic build compared to the bulky mass of the Vannulvir. Humans of Rhakash also have deeply browned skin, but their hair is straight black instead of kinky like Amarian hair and their facial features are sharper than the rounded faces of the same. The men of Parthiak have slightly less darkened skin than those of Rhakash on the verge of the olive skin of the Karnites; but their eyes have more varied shades than the brown or black common to Rhakash. On and on the variations of humanity go; indeed it can easily be said that there are many “races” of humanity upon the many lands of Aerk.

Other races have come to accept that when dealing with humans each must be taken as an individual. Even humans from the vile Theocracy of Hesh may turn out to be the most kindly hearted man ever met; while a Knight of Vhal’s Temple from the Kingdom of Mahn could turn out to be an under-handed robber baron simply out to steal a few coins. One saying of the Fhraen holds true concerning humanity: “If the slyest of all Fhraen were standing next to the slyest of all humanity; could any doubt the shining virtue of the Fhraen? If the vilest wizard of all the Aerkay were to battle against the most vile of all humanity; would it not be best to favor the victory of the Aerkay? If the purest hearted Dwur Paladin stood beside his friend the purest hearted human Paladin; would not the Dwur look upon his friend with gleaming admiration and desire to emulate him?” Humanity is a race of extremes unknown to the other races.

Personality: The only single common dominating feature of all humanity is their single minded drive. While the Lords of Mahn may declare their way is best, the Karnite Imperial Marshals declare their own as what is best; and none may sway their way of thinking beyond individuals. It is said that when humanity sets it’s sight on something they can be more industrious than the Dwur, more single minded than an Aerkay, and more stubborn than a Minotaur.

Physical Description: As has been said, humanity does not fit into a single mold where their appearance is concerned. Humans do vary greatly, with the men of the cold south being much larger than those of other places; while the Amarians tend to be longer of limb it seems because they are renowned runners. The people of the steppe where the Khrun Centaurs erupted from are renowned horsemen and have short squat bodies well adapted to riding their ponies, as well as swarthy skin and very little facial hair. If you can think of a variation of humanity, it probably exists somewhere in Aerk.

Relations: Humanity relates to each race depending on the human culture the other race is dealing with at the time. Minotaurs are considered animals by the people of Rhakash, but as staunch allies of the civilized Rhul. Dwur value their relationships with the people of Corash and the Kingdom of Mahn, but have no love verging on a blood feud against the humans of the Karnite Empire. The Lizardfolk will most likely eat most humans, while being reverent of the great High Djoman that serve the Gods of the Black Citadel. All races consider humanity in a massive number of ways varying on both culture and individuals.

Alignment: Humanity can be numbered within any of the nine alignments; although the culture the individual is from will usually dictate their heritage it is not uncommon for them to take on any alignment.

Human Lands: Human lands are so varied as to require a seperate volume to give any justice to any one land; while brief mention here would do terrible injustice to the sheer variety of human civilizations.

Language: Human languages are nearly as varied as their cultures; but the language of the Karnite Empire, once known as Karnite, is now accepted in nearly the entire Known World as simply the Common Tongue. It is used by nearly all races at least in trade and most know it as a second language due to contact with human nations once dominated by the Karnites.

Names: Human names are from such a bewildering array of cultures as to defy possible inclusion in this short work; but instead must be included with description of the various Human Sub-Races that follow.

Religion: Humans have such a variety of religions that they can only be detailed in their respective sub-race.

The racial abilities of the “Normal” Humans are:

Human Pros
-Size medium for HP (i.e. 10 hp + Constitution + class roll)
-Native Language is regional human language prevelant in place of origin
-May purchase Language (Merchant’s Tongue) at 50% cost

Human Cons

Class Costs
-All Classes: 20 Points


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