Kingdom of Drudach


The vast and sometimes dark Great Forest of the Druids is the heart and literal soul of this land. The unnaturally tall trees often found within it are said to house the spirits of ancient and powerful beings that guide the Grand Druid to this day, and may actually grow above the ancient burial sites of former Druids. This forest grows between the bounds of the Crystalmere and Brown Rivers and the Crystal Lake from whence the former springs. Within its depths are the ancient Cairn Hills, said to be the former seat of a Daerkur Kingdom that warred mightily against the Dwur of the Old Iron Mountains before collapsing beneath the assault of the Fhey after their defeat of the Empire of Azar thousands of years ago.

The entire forest grows atop a continuation of the lands found within the Grand Duchy of Dwurholme, with winding ravines, sudden crevices opening in the depths of the forest, and high and mighty rolling hills throughout. It is a naturally fortified land little known to any but the Druids and their subjects which live off the land naturally and till little land here at all.

The exception to this is around the capital of Drudach, Kaeltan town of Raelach, and the paradisiacal Grapefields. Some few farms, usually growing only herbs in great quantities, exist around the large settlements of the land and rivers; while the Grapefields grow large rows of fruits of all kinds, but primarily grapes used in Druid Wine. It is unknown how the Druids manage to grow grapes and other fruits in these lands as they do, because in lands even as far north as the Duchy of Syresham grapes will fail. Never to be doubted however, every year large numbers of people all over the Kingdom of Mahn and lands farther afield take part in wine created here. Also, nearly any fruit found upon the White King’s table is said to be from this land. Only wild game is said to be consumed in this land, and the farms here keep no animals aside from a plow-horse or an aurochs to pull a wagon.

The Druids, since times of old, have however kept what is called the Druid Road from the City of Drudach to the town of Raelach. It is a crude road of cobbled stone that is only modestly travelled; and none are allowed from its path unless escorted by an appointed Druid.

There are no nobles within this land. The entire expanse is ruled absolutely by the High Druid (here called the Druid King, but in Mahn called the “Old Dragon”), who appoints who he will at his whim to govern over the various woodland thorps and their environs. The town of Raelach is governed traditionally by the Druidic Warleader, while Drudach is always ruled directly by the Druid King.

The “Kingdom” of Drudach is a unique land within the Kingdom of Mahn. The High Druid rules here absolutely, not even the White King may make Royal Decree within the bounds of this land. The Druids here made a strong pact with the King of Mahn long ago that dictates that their land will provide magical, military and tax support to the Kingdom of Mahn in return for their lands being left alone.

Today, the cities of Drudach and Raelach are the only places the King’s soldiers are welcome; and then only by advance notice and within limited numbers as escort for the King himself.

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Kingdom of Drudach

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