Kingdom of Mahn

The Kingdom of Mahn is the most militarily powerful human nation upon the Continent of Courel; and may very well be the most powerful nation of all upon that continent. After long years of misrule or outright anarchy within the Kingdom, the ascent of King Alisander Chestelaine four decades ago has finally brought stability.

In fact, the new King has not only brought his nobles into line, he has expanded his nation at the expense of his neighbors and increased Royal power within his kingdom as well by way of stripping various nobles of their holdings and taking them as his own. Even with all this, the Kingdom of Mahn is still a heavily feudal nation; and so it is divided and there will very often be found one noble waging war upon another, and even with the consent of the White King so long as his taxes are not interrupted at all.



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Kingdom of Mahn

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