Lowland Fiefs

Map of the Lowland Fiefs

This area is a hilly land of herding primarily; though extensive farming is to be found around all settlements. The hills of this land are mineral rich, and so some mining will also be found here; but mostly for local consumption as the more plentiful mines of the Dwur are so close at hand as to rule out the possibility of competing in other lands. Light woodlands cover nearly all areas not used for herding and farming; but none of these areas are truly wild, with Freemen and the Nobles using the area for hunting to provide venison and wild boar for their tables.

As the Old Iron Mountains are approached, the land becomes much steeper and even dead-falls are a danger to a rushing horseman. The areas closest to the Old Iron Mountains could even be considered low lying mountains in other areas, and in fact, the Giants Belt Mountains are not much higher above the sea than are the steepest hills here.

Only those areas east of Bethek are more akin to the nearby Principality of Valinor; and in these lands rivermen and fisherfolk are just as common as farmers and herders. The lands along the New River are less hilly; but only marginally so as the waters rapidly travel toward The Blackfire Escarpments and then into The Old Duchies. Little to no fishing is done here; and instead the camps of lumbermen can be found here harvesting what few scant woodlands are near to the New River. The same situation is to be found along the Brown and Crystalmere Rivers as well; though the Druids of Drudach are often at odds with the Barons in these lands.

The Nobility of the Lowland Fiefs are all beholden directly to the King of Mahn; and no noble above a Baron is commonly found here; though the Count of Bastian is one exception to this rule. Beneath these Barons will be their own Knights who hold a fortified manor or lone tower and the lands surrounding either. Each Baron is expected to attend court to their King within the city of Vhaelin at least twice each year as ordered by the King.

Aside from Bethek the primary towns are Bastian, Haun and Lilgar.

Bastian is the most powerful of holdings within the Lowland Fiefs. It is ruled by Count Gregor Stolvar; a man said to be one of the finest woodsmen warriors in the kingdom as well as keeping no secret of the fact that he is a capable wizard. The Count’s Knights, Rangers and militia keep the County of Bastian a redoubt of strength in the Lowland Fiefs; though the Count intentionally lets some areas of his domain “go wild” so that he can keep his men well practiced in battle against raiding monsters and brigands. This is a sore point between the Count and the King, but Count Stolvar is one of the King’s greatest supporters, and so the King allows his friend a great deal of leeway in the matter.

Haun is actually home to Baron Sandel Kleur, the King’s Master Huntsman; who is also a ranger of no small skill. The Baron keeps a large part of his domain dedicated to the training of the King’s huntsmen who range throughout the Lowland Fiefs hunting rogue bands of goblins, half-orcs or other brigands. Baron Kleur and Count Stolvar have come to terms that the King’s Huntsmen are to stay out of the County of Bastian however; the last such incursion led to a small battle between the Count and the Baron’s forces, and so now no crossing into Stolvar’s lands is permitted.

Lilgar is the largest town within the Lowland Fiefs, but Baron Marik Taene holds few lands; instead relying heavily on the trade along the King’s Road to the Dwur from the lands of the Druids for his wealth. Baron Taene keeps a more formal military force within his holdings; and rarely do his knights and heavy cavalry make an appearance far from Lilgar. Instead, the Baron uses poorly equipped militia to patrol the western verges of his domain, and these patrols are prone to lose more soldiers than they should to creatures that sometimes emerge from the Deep Realms.

Just out of the Count of Bastian’s domain, about 20 miles or so north of Bastian, is the village of Stallanford. This village was once ruled by a Baron who’s castle was a days walk to the north-west near the Duchy of Dwurholme; but the man died some years ago, and so his domain reverted to King’s Rule. Stallanford is often visited by Count Stolvar’s patrols, but in truth, the Count has no say in the goings on here; the day to day affairs of the village are seen to by the local clergy of Vhal by approval of the King. The Friar, Father Alaric is the leader of the local church here; and thus he is also the understood leader of the village.

The Lowland Fiefs have lately been afflicted with the machinations of a Goblin Bandit Lord called “Dread Dymrak” who strikes in all corners of the Lowland Fiefs. Some say he has found a series of tunnels from the Deep Realms that have helped him to move about unseen; while others think he is just a very sly goblin! So infuriated by his attacks, Count Stolvar has even placed a 1,000 Silver Coins purse on the bandit’s head.

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Lowland Fiefs

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