New Duchies

The New Duchies were created only within the lifetime of King Alisander after he fought to forge together the many petty nobles of the area who had broken away from the Kingdom of Mahn during the Years of Strife.

These lands are dominated by wide and unsettled grasslands in the interior near the Centaur Forest, and well maintained and ordered farmland along the rivers and coasts. There are few areas of independent woodland here; but the lands near the major forests do have some sparse unconnected areas of trees.

The Duchies of this land are large, but lightly populated due to the nearness of so many possible enemies; whether it be The Knights of Thorn, a bandit-lord from the Borderland Freeholds, disgruntled Centaur raiders, or some lycanthropic horror from the South Marches. Only the Duchy of Coor is little bothered by even slight problems; while the Duchy of Agarland is nearly constantly at war against roving brigand armies from the Bandit Lands or Borderland Freeholds.

The soil here is deep and dark however, and the crops grow in abundance when planted and not set ablaze. Horses are kept in numbers from the Duchy of Markland throughout however, and though their quality may not be the highest, they are a cheap resource for the White King and other nobles of the Kingdom and abroad. Few other herd animals are cared for here; as swine and chickens are easier to defend with the primarily cavalry forces of the nobles here.

Much like the Old Duchies, the land here is easy on the eye and there are few land rises or drop offs of any kind. There are numerous small ponds, lakes and streams and creeks as well throughout; giving this land sometimes the title “Land of Lakes” among the rest of the Kingdom of Mahn. The land does begin to dry somewhat within the Duchy of Agarland as you approach its easternmost lands; but even here the seasonal rains bring enough waterfall to support forests.

Only along the northern border of the Duchy of Ilmar will true hills begin to start; being the last vestiges of the long chain of hills that start in the Kaeltan Duchies to the north. Here there are still few herd animals to be found though because of the incessant raiding from hardly disguised soldiers belonging to either robber barons of the River Fiefs or outright raiders from the Yeomen of The Knights of Thorn. Though the Great Forest of the Druids is riddled with hills, they stop before reaching its borders and are only shadowed by much slighter hills within the Duchy of Coor where some few herds of aurochs will be found before reaching the farmlands of Coor which are much more numerous than the other New Duchies due to its far longer habitation by the folk from the Kingdom of Mahn.

The nobility here is new in comparison to other lands, though many Dukes here are distantly related to noble families within the Old Duchies or the Kaeltan Duchies (or both!). They favor the White King highly here, unlike the Old Duchies; and are even somewhat subdued by frequent visits from the King and his Heuaard Guard Army on their marches to the South Marches or the borderlands to the east where the King likes to keep the Borderland Freeholds and Knights of Thorn on their respective toes. In fact, the King keeps a sizable garrison within the walls of Ilmish to deter the Knights of Thorn from breaking their treaty with him.

The Dukes here are wealthy in farmlands and even natural resources; but their Duchies are still disorganized due to a lack of minor nobles being able to take control of the various fiefs and pool the wealth that can be had.

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New Duchies

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