North Marches

The lands here are former possessions of the Plutocracy of Corash only mere years ago. Today, they have been stripped bare of their villages and their people either allowed to move into Corash to avoid rule by the King, or resettled in areas the King desired to have them in. Some old villages sit empty completely, rotting to the ground; while some villages are brand new and neighbors do not even know each other.

The King collects no taxes from the peasantry (serfs and freemen) and new nobility of this land; but does tax trade heavily out of the Kingdom of Brom and tribute on top of taxes from the nation of Corash. He has done this to lure new settlers and nobility to the area.

The lands here are very similar to the Old Duchies, until it quickly begins to climb into hills and forests similar to the Kaeltan Duchies in the easternmost holdings. The thing most unique to this area are the large number of battlefields that have yet to mend from the war that was fought for possession of the trade route from Brom to the city of Velash. The largest battle occurred just north of the Crow Fields between the Greater and Lesser Spritewoods as the White King opened his invasion of Corash.

The nobles here are from all over the Kingdom, some giving their lands to the King in exchange for new lands here with greater possibility. Primarily there are some few new landed Knights hoping to gain a large enough holding to become full Barons. Such is the nature of the land trading, however, that some of the nobles here have oaths of fealty to both the King and another noble as well.

Today, the City of Velash serves as both administrative capital for the area and home to a sizable military left behind by the White King. The increased taxes from trade with Brom more than pays for the military presence; as does the tribute Corash now pays as ransom for the return of the city of Coran that the White King briefly took during the war.

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North Marches

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