Numismatics of Aerk

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Numismatics is the study of money. Below are links for the various nations of the world and what coins they use…as well as how their value holds up against other coins. A few simple facts must be paid close attention to however.

First, SILVER and not Gold is the primary coin of the World of Aerk.

Gold is more rare in Aerk (but still not as rare as here on Earth)…and Platinum rarer as well.

So the “standard” coins are: Tin/Brass/Bronze (often called Trade Pieces), Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum. There is a distinct absence of Electrum in most kingdoms. The breakdown of “standard coins” is thus:

10 trade pieces (t.p.) = 1 Copper
10 copper pieces (c.p.) = 1 Silver
10 silver pieces (s.p.) = 1 Gold
5 gold pieces (g.p.) = 1 Platinum

1 Platinum = 5 Gold = 50 Silver = 500 Copper = 5,000 Trade (or Leather Armor, Medium Shield & Broadsword for a new soldier!)

1 Gold = 10 Silver = 100 copper = 1,000 Trade (or Padded Armor, Pike, & Dagger for a conscript soldier!)

1 Silver = 10 Copper = 100 Trade (or a Goat for the farm)

1 Copper = 10 Trade (or a new cap)

1 Trade = a Cup of Watered Wine, Rope Belt, or 12 Candles

The various kingdoms and their coins are:

Coinage of Brom

Coinage of Corash

Coinage of Fhey Lands

Coinage of Mahn

Coinage of Mynos

Coinage of Vannulvheim

((more to come))


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Numismatics of Aerk

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