Principality of Valinor

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This area is the mostly densely populated region of the Kingdom of Mahn; with nearly every manageable mile of farmland being used to its utmost. The “New” Crystal River has always been the Crystal River in this land; and its broad course has numerous villages along its banks.

Those lands bordering the Lowland Fiefs start to become quickly very hilly; but rolling and gradual inclines are to be found here that support large flocks of sheep and numbers of cattle in plenty as well. Near to the King-City of Vhaelin is the King’s Forest where much game can be found amid its well tended bounds; though only for the King, his family, and those of special permit. The lands trending south toward the [[Giant’s Belt Mountains]] also become more hilly, causing the Blackrock River to fall away and into The Heuaardlands away from White Bay. Here more aurochs are found as a preferred herd animal.

The sea fortress of Caer Hoor is surrounding by increasing wetlands to its north, and is otherwise very hilly trending to the gentle mountains of the Giant’s Belt Mountains.

The lands along the White Bay are full of minor docks which cater to what little shipping prefers to port here instead of in the ever full docks of Vhaelin. Also here, as along the “New” Crystal River are many fishermen which put out onto the White Bay daily.

The farms of the Principality primarily grow Spelt, a type of wheat, as their major crop; but large amounts of beans and even crops like watermelon and turnips are common as well. Few vine grown or tree grown crops are to be had anywhere in the southern areas of the Kingdom; and this holds true in the Principality as well. While the cattle of the northern principality are primarily used for salted butters, the aurochs of the southern lands are foremost a meat stock. A major export of the principality is its salted meats, fish and butters; although sacks of wheat are shipped from here in sufficient amounts as well for ships making call here. There is little difference between this domain and the Old Duchies aside from what has been mentioned here.

There are no nobles within the Principality. Knights hold fiefs directly for the King of Mahn here, or else stewards in their stead. The King’s eldest son cares for this land as the King’s Steward, and his primary court is held in the River Palace of Vhaelin; though in high summer, he holds court outside the city walls of Vhaelin.

Towns, Locations and Dungeons of the Principality of Valinor


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Principality of Valinor

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