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The World of Aerk is inhabited by a vast array of races. These races form unique cultures all their own, while some will be familiar to you and others will be strange and alien to your reading. The various races have all adapted to their chosen homelands, from the enchanted forests of the Fhey in the east to the broken and dry steppe of the Khrun Horde in the farthest west. The humans of Vannulvheim are equally at home in the icy wilderness of their homeland as well as upon the Seven Seas, while the Amarian people run among the savannah grasses of their swelteringly hot plains and deserts in the north. Wherever you look upon the face of Aerk you will find some race or another striving to make a home of what land they have.


During the Age of Man, a great many races inhabit the lands of Aerk besides humanity. Such a number of races have created many cultures, and humans have an even more bewildering variety of cultures than the other races combined it would seem. Because humanity is so varied there is no one type of humanity, but instead many variant human races. No cultures or races represented in Aerk are intended to directly emulate or stereotype any real-world peoples or nations but only to offer an explanation of what could happen were people to be taken from the real world and placed in a fantasy world thousands of years ago after being abducted by powerful wielders of magic.

This section provides only a brief description of each race. Humans in particular are only given a brief overview; while the various sub-races of humanity are looked at more in depth. As all humans are human, little description is needed for a player to understand the thinking and reasoning of humanity and much can be inferred from the various special abilities and attributes of the different human sub-races.





- Half-Fhey







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