River Fiefs

These lands are more heavily forested than the map would indicate. Farms will often be found right up to the edge of forests, with the farmers cutting down those trees for firewood and construction material; though such wood cutting is without order or direct purpose, and so many small woods dot this land similarly to the Lowland Fiefs. Such lumbering seems to follow creeks and small streams to their origin and then cease; for the soil is somewhat more rocky here than in other parts of the Kingdom. Near the two major rivers, the villages are small and do not truly impose on the land around; and even the Barons of these lands build their holdings and keeps so that they are least likely to impose on the natural order. Druidism is still strong here.

The Talltrees run along the ridges of high hills little suited to farming; and so this forest is mostly left alone. These hills, which descend out of the Kaeltan Duchy of Glamorg, are said to hold deposits of precious metals; but few dare a mine in these lands due to the constant back and forth conflicts which rage here. Prospectors are not a rare site, and Dwur are increasing in numbers within these hills in the early spring; often leaving before planting is done to avoid losing their newly found riches to the ever increasing patrols prior to “battle season” here. Some even find a small treasure in gold within the creeks which spill from this forest and to the surrounding rivers.

Between the Crystalmere River (called often the “Old” Crystal River) and the Targe River are many small farms with very little livestock aside from swine and chickens which can be kept close to safety and away from possible raiders. The politics of old, between the King, Dukes of Barant and Glamorg, Dukes of Ilmar and Coor, Druids, and The Knights of Thorn is still thick here. The Dukes often fund one Baron to be able to war on another, while the Knights of Thorn attempt to do the same simply to sew conflict on their border and prevent the Kingdom of Mahn from founding a stable land to launch possible invasion from. All the while, the Kingdom of Mahn tries to play a game of ensuring that the Barons and Counts here stay loyal to the White King and not the surrounding influences. Beneath all this, the Druids seek to ensure the people here stay loyal to the Old Ways, and outright conflict with the Church of Vhal is not uncommon. The economy of the River Fiefs is battle and strife, and many mercenaries serve here for one faction or another.

Because of the steady amount of minor wars fought within these lands, the King receives little common tax from this land; but instead is often paid War Tax from whichever noble is invading the lands of his neighbor. Most farming here is simply sustenance level, as anything more is difficult to protect from neighbors.

The nobles here all technically owe fealty to the White King; but many are deep in their intrigues with Dukes or the Knights of Thorn and sometimes both. The seasonal conflict here is almost custom now, and the feuds run deep and generational.

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River Fiefs

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