Roll of Years

Below is listed the Roll of Years as counted by the Karnites who currently dominate the world they know. The calender below lists V.R. (Vhal Reckoning) alongside A.R. (Aerkay Reckoning).

1,548 V.R. or 6,762 A.R. Current Year When Campaign Begins in the Kingdom of Mahn

1,034 V.R. The First King of Mahn is Crowned in the King-City of Vhaelin

0 V.R. The Church of Vhal is recognized as the State Faith of the Kingdom of Karn. The first King of Karn is crowned this year. The first Aerkay Lord-City is sacked and razed by the vengeful followers of Vhal, to then be renamed the King-City of Karn.

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Roll of Years

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