South Marches

These lands are divided between war-torn battlefields and nearly pristine forests. The Western South Marches include the Lycan Isles and Wolfwood Forest; both heavily forested and unsettled. The eastern areas are often scorched plains and barren fields being slowly conquered by the Kingdom of Mahn from the Kur Tribes and their previously conquered human subjects from the Borderland Freeholds coastal holdings.

The lands between the Wolfwood Forest and the Agar River were once the prosperous Duchy of Saerlagar, which was the southernmost of the New Duchies which existed on the predominantly peaceful border of the Borderland Freeholds. The last Kur Horde slammed into the city of Saerl, crushed its defenses, slaughtered its noble rulers, and rampaged into the Duchy of Markland before being turned back by the King and his amassed forces. This was five years ago, and since that time, the King’s forces have been slowly pushing their way into ravaged western Borderland Freeholds where, two years ago, they stalled at the Sword’s Rift Gulf.

Today, the lands formerly belonging to Saerlagar are administered directly by a Royal Steward, but are under the newly formed military district of the South Marches. The farmlands here are again producing wonderfully, though they are primarily used to feed the forces at work against the Kur Tribes. Saerl is a fine port, but the lands from the Agar River to the Sword’s Rift Gulf are increasingly rocky and impossible to find safe harbor. The isles at the mouth of the Gulf are also rocky, but have been thoroughly cleared of Kur and other forces allied to them.

Inland from the coasts the land again becomes arable within what was once held by the Borderlanders, though there is little but empty villages and burned out keeps to be found. The southernmost border with the Sword’s Rift drops away hundreds of feet to the sheltered valley below where coastal wildlife is again starting to flourish.

To the west, the shores of the Wolfwood Forest and the Lycan Isles are a mixture of sandy beaches and rocky shoreline. The woodlands here are wild and untamed with only some few thorpes along the edges of the Wolfwood. The Lycan Isles are completely unsettled, and hold within them a remnant of the curse that once drove the Vannulvir on their bloodthirsty sea raids. The few huts here house men and women that are infected by one sort of lycanthropy or another. Both areas are trackless. While the Wolfwood Forest is without features other than trees, brooks, streams and such, the Lycan Isles actually are quite hilly with some hills turning into sheer rocky coastal drop offs.

The South Marches are formed from lands once belonging to the Borderland Freeholds after a massive orc horde decimated the western holdings of that nation and then pushed devastatingly into the Kingdom of Mahn where it utterly destroyed the Duchy of Saerlagar and extinguished Saerl’s entire noble family.

The White King has been pushing steadily into the lands lost by the Borderland Freeholds after first recovering Saerl and its environs from the orcs. He first reconquered the coasts before pushing inland until he came against holdings still held by the Freeholders.

Today, the South Marches are an armed camp where constant fighting in the countryside occurs nearly daily against remaining bands of orcs. The King’s forces have also been raiding the coasts of the orc held lands to the south; but they are not currently strong enough to push across the Sword’s Rift Gulf.

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South Marches

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