Stallanford is a small village of only a few hundred souls about 20 miles north of Bastian within the Lowland Fiefs. It is ruled by Father Alaric of Vhal, a local Friar given charge of the village by the Church of Vhal, and by mandate of the White King himself.

There are few services in town; but Dalmarck the Dwur is a fine smith, while The Happy Heifer is the only Inn. There is obviously a Church of Vhal in town, attended not only by Father Alaric, but also his assistant Akkel. Talmen’s Post is a trading post owned by Eggard Talmen who charges slightly higher rates, but the merchandise he sells is top notch. Lesser quality items can be found in town for lesser prices; but Eggard works fairly with the villagers here and cuts them a deal as often as he can to make sure people are taken care of; and anyone that complains about outsiders being charged more are directed to go somewhere else if they want to buy goods.

Stallanford is visited at least once a week by a patrol from the County of Bastian; but keeps no standing military of its own. The villagers can muster about 20 hunters armed with Hunting Bows, Hunting Spears and Long Knives as well as about 50 solid farmers with Clubs, Hatchets or even Hunting Spears; but these men are scattered all over the village and farms and do not train together at all. When trouble happens in Stallanford, it is usually Father Alaric, his assistant Akkel, and whatever villagers that happen to be nearby that deal with law breakers or troublesome individuals.

At a Glance: Stallanford (village): Conventional; AL NG; 200 sp limit; Assets 5,843 sp; Population 536; Mixed (Karnites 93%, Dwur 5%, Daerkur 1%, Others 1%).

Locations of Note in Stallanford: The Happy Heifer | Talmen’s Post

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