The Happy Heifer

The Happy Heifer is the only true Inn in the village of Stallanford. It is run by Hordan Stonefield, a retired adventuring Dwur who is from the Grand Duchy to the north. The Happy Heifer has a half-dozen double bed rooms that Hordan rents out, as well as a top of the stairs flop-room that can sleep as many as twenty. The attached stable can hold as many as 12 horses; and just on the other side of that is Dalmarck’s smithy.

Hordan doesn’t allow women to sleep in the flop-room; and will instead give them flop-room rates on one of the private rooms…but only if they don’t have a man in their room. Hordan is a convert of Vhal, and takes strongly to heart the teachings of Father Alaric.

The Heifer is a favorite place of Father Alaric to eat his meals and converse with villagers, and he will always be there during meal times; usually with Akkel, his assistant, in tow as well. Dalmarck the Dwur smith also takes his meals here, and usually sits at the bar spinning yarns with Hordan.

The Happy Heifer has a rotating number of serving girls that work in the Inn making extra coin for their families, and Hordan pays them well enough to ensure that, with their tips, they stay true to the virtues taught by Father Alaric. Anyone trying to mistreat Hordan’s “God-Daughters” had better be quick to either apologize heartily, or run away out of town quickly! The current serving girl’s name is Meera, and she is only a waif of a girl who just lost her father. Her mother Sayra works in the kitchen as an assistant already; alongside her are Tahan the hunter/butcher and his wife Darah the baker. Meera and Sayra live in one of Hordan’s rooms currently.

The dining hall seats 30 souls easily, with 8 of those seats at the bar; but rarely are there more than a dozen people ever in the Happy Heifer at one time or another.

Rates for the Happy Heifer are:

Stable and Grain for Horse: 6 Copper per day

Bunk: Bed 1 Silver (2 Silver if you want the room alone), Flop 1 Copper

Meals (per day): Poor 2 Copper (free to some), Common 5 Copper, Good 1 Silver; Soup anytime 5 Tin

Gallon of Ale: 1 Silver (a mug costs 1 Copper)

Gallon of Wine: 3 Silver (common watered down) or 2 Silver for a Mug of Finer Wine

Hordan has Darah make many loaves of bread each day which he sells for 5 tin each; but he ends up giving away several each day to children and the less fortunate.

Horses kept at the Happy Heifer have their hooves checked by Dalmarck and will be well fed and groomed by Ghann the stable-boy and part time apprentice to Dalmarck.

The Happy Heifer

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