The Heuaardlands

These lands were once the eastern and southernmost territories belonging directly to the White King as his own personal demesne. Today, they serve as holdings given into stewardship by the White King to his personal guard, the Heuaard.

The farming done here is nearly as intensive as that found within the Principality of Valinor, however those lands along the coast are virtually bereft of settlement. Only the occasional tower will be found along the shore with some few huts surrounding it and enough farmland to feed the serfs and garrison. Only Caer Heuaard is an exception to this rule, and here will be found a strong citadel city and a quarter of the King’s Royal Fleet. Caer Heuaard is no trading city however, it is strictly a military post attended by serfs enough to manufacture and repair arms in addition to feeding the King’s military posted here.

Inland, the land has abundant farms, thorps, villages and small towns. The lands south of the Blackrock River are a manufacturing hub of minor armaments such as crossbows, arrows, bolts and ballista and their munitions all manufactured from the trees of the East Giantswood. These lands between the river and the Giants Belt Mountains have some minor iron mines within them, and this ore is used to produce what few metal components are needed in this industry.

Travel east toward the New Duchies will find an increase in horse breeding of the heaviest steeds found within the Kingdom, while lands toward the Crystal River become increasingly identical to those within the Principality of Valinor. The central regions of the land hold the rather large and mostly inviolate Midwoods. Few woodland thorps exist here; though it is well tracked and provides abundant wild game and is filled with the much prized yew wood that the famous Longbow of Mahn is most commonly made from.

The serfs and freemen within the Heuaardlands are of a mixed Karnite/ Vannulvir stock; and there is a much higher percentage of Freemen within the Heuaardlands who are armed and serve in the militias of the Heuaard. Mandatory training of all Freemen and Serfs alike here means that the King is able to maintain a very large reserve of soldiers within this land. This land was once dominated by the invading Vannulvir; but now is again firmly within the King’s hands.

The Nobility of the Heuaardlands is in fact limited to Knights only. There are no ranks of nobility higher than this; and thus, a Heuaard Knight on his own land owes fealty only to the King of Mahn. Seldom is a Heuaard Knight to be found in his keep within the Heuaardlands however. Half of the Heuaard is always with the White King, wherever he may be; while the remainder will be within the Heuaardlands practicing the art of war and the proper abilities needed to see to the defense of the King and his Kingdom. Most often, the son of a Knight is the day to day administrator of Knight’s appointed holdings, often aided and guided by a steward appointed by the King’s Royal Steward.

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The Heuaardlands

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