The King's Thanes

For over a century these lands were stripped from the Kingdom of Mahn and ruled as small independent Kingdoms of the Vannulvir who took them by force when the Kingdom was weakened. Since King Alisander came to power, he cunningly subjugated these three “Jarldoms” by military threat, monetary persuasion and even outright war.

The Vannulvir nobles here are now the equal of Dukes in the eyes of the King, though he predominantly leaves them alone so long as they pay their taxes to him.

The windy lands of the King’s Thanes is a land starkly in contrast with the rest of the Kingdom of Mahn. It is dominated by Vannulvir who are now subjects of the White King; but who once sought to forge their own Kingdoms from the ashes of a weakened Kingdom of Mahn.

Much rain and snow can be found here, and the land is riddled with small streams and brooks in plenty. Farming, once practiced heavily here, is a secondary industry; while herds of sheep and aurochs dominate the land while the traditional knars of the Vannulvir ply the surrounding waters to draw forth large catches of fish from the sea. Few serfs are to be found within the lands of Caradas, Haelkast or Nordholt; but Freemen here are still bound tightly to their respective Thanes.

The coasts rarely see a stalk of wheat creep into the air on their wind blasted and rocky shores; but the inlands are heavy with farmland scattered across the rolling plains, and in Caradas the farmers have started to penetrate into the depths of the southern West Giantswood where the lumberjacks of Kord have cleared the way along the Giants Run River. In Nordholt and Haelkast, herding is still the primary manner of obtaining sustenance and wealth; though going to sea as raiders is also still a prized vocation. The King prevents this as much as possible by recruiting large numbers of his subjects here as sailors within his navy. That navy is trained upon the very ships that they build within the port of Kord.

The Shorn Islands are home to the Duchy of Haelkast, and upon it are the last vestiges of true and undiluted Vannulvir culture within the Kingdom of Mahn. The Thane of Hjald, also the Jarl (Duke) of Haelkast, is not allowed to keep Thralls by order of the King; but serfs serve just as well in his eyes. War prisoners brought back to Haelkast become serfs bound to the land.

The nobility of these lands are called Thanes (equal to a Knight or Baron) and they all answer to their respective Jarl (equal to a Duke). Few men are considered Knights in this land; because the Thanes are usually in attendance to their Jarl and serve the same function. Unlike other lands, the Thanes here serve primarily as a fighting elite infantry; and even when mounted they will rarely fight against other cavalry due to the rarity of horses here.

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The King's Thanes

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