Vhalash the Sun Star

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Vhalash, the Sun Star, the Father of Vhal, the Red-Eyed God.

Vhalash is the name of the Star which bathes Aerk in its light. It is a most ancient star, born billions of years ago and likely to live many more. Wizards say that Vhalash is the origin of much magic in the world; the power to burn and destroy and give blinding light. The God Vhal is named after this star as he is said to shine brighter even than Vhalash and many claim Vhal is the son of the Red-Eyed Father of Vengeance. Small sects of Vhalash exist among primitive peoples; but as a religion, the worship of the Sun God has fallen in favor of the Son God.

Many horrors are said to have their origin within the fires of dreaded Vhalash. Fiery creatures which have no body that can be dragged back to the surface and destroyed, such as the dreaded Harginn Hordes, Fire Elementals, and the Ghosts of an entire world of Aerkay that was long ago devoured by Vhalash. It is said that these Ghosts are all that remain of the world that converted to the worship of an entity called The Darkflame which seeks the destruction of all things. In vengeance for their betrayal of his worship, the God Vhalash is said to have swelled in anger and destroyed them.

Such are the stories told.

Vhalash the Sun Star

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