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Dwur are treated exactly as 1st Edition Dwarves in the Player’s Handbook, with only three exceptions:

1) The Dwur of Aerk may in fact be Wizards. It is rare in the extreme (a player would have to TRULY have a great story for why!). They may ONLY be multi-class wizards however, and then only Fighter/Wizard or Thief/Wizard. Dwur may be Illusionists as well, but again only Fighter/Illusionist or Thief/Illusionist.

2) All Dwur pay only HALF for beginning weapons and armor made primarily of metal.

3) Dwur follow the same description for size and etc. as given under the primary Dwur heading (i.e. there are no Mountain Dwur vs. Hill Dwur)

A player wishing to play a Dwur should read the full description for the Dwur of 3.5 (even mechanics) to get a roleplaying feel for what the race is like.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Dwur

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