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Goblins function in Aerk within civilization; and as such, they are somewhat different than typical goblins. Most do end up in trouble, dead, or simply eaten at times; but they are a formidable race simply by tenacity and numbers. Their abilities are:

+1 to Dexterity (maximum 19), -1 to Strength and Charisma (minimum 3)

Small Sized, meaning they must wear small armor and wield small weapons. The Goblin Knife is equal to a Shortsword and may be used with one hand. For a goblin to use a longsword they must use two-hands and two-handed weapons are beyond their ability to use.

Infravision and Ultravision to 90 feet.

Goblins may freely use any magical item; though if it is not for their class they must roll a saving throw vs. Rod, Staff, or Wand to use it properly. If they fail, they may suffer badly (the DM handles this).

Goblins with an Intelligence of 10 or higher may use each of the following once per day: Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Mending and any one Magic-User or Illusionist Cantrip chosen at the time of casting.

Goblins may be from the following classes:


Goblins may freely multi-class in the following classes:


Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Goblins

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