Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Half-Fhey

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The Half-Fhey of Aerk, mechanically speaking, function exactly as half-elves in the Player’s Handbook for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons; though the differences that exist are thus:

+1 to Charisma

+2 to Comliness

No ability to detect secret or concealed doors.

Bonus to saving throws vs. rod, staff, wand, and spells equal to +1 for each 5 points of Con; this bonus does NOT apply to any Necromancy spell.

In addition to the standard Multi-Class Options available to half-elves; Half-Fhey may also become:

Druid/Fighter (abiding by the Druid Restrictions on armor)

Fighter/Thief/Bard (essentially, when the Fhey reaches the proper levels in Fighter and Thief, they may then stop advancing in those classes and begin to advance solely in Bard)

Assassin most half-fhey assassins are from Fhey lands where they are called Slayers; though half-fhey “assassins” are not unknown in human lands, half-fhey are usually just more “enobled” in humanity’s holdings.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Half-Fhey

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